Termite Control
Termites Hamiltons Pest & Weed Control

Termites can do a lot of damage in a relatively short time if undisturbed or left untreated.

No property is safe from termites! Termites are the cause of the greatest economic losses of timber in service in Australia.


Independent data compiled by State Forests shows more than 2 in every 5 homes is attacked by termites at some stage in its life.


Australia's subterranean termite species (white ants) are the most destructive timber pests in the world. In fact it can take "as little as 3 months for a termite colony to severely damage timbers within a home."

Weed Eradication

Have you got weeds that you do not want on your property?

Herbicides can be effective for any weed control program.  In some situations herbicides offer the only practical, cost-effective and selective method of managing certain weeds.

Some weeds are only susceptible to one specific herbicide which means it is important to use the correct product and application rate for control of that particular weed.


Conditions such as wind speed and direction, the possibility of rain and proximity to waterways should also be taken into account when preparing to use herbicides.

We have the equipment and methods to help control pest plants for you. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Mice Hamiltons Pest & Weed Control
Rodent Control

During the cooler months when Winter slowly creeps up on us, is the time when rats, mice, cockroaches, silverfish and other pests infiltrate our homes!


Just like us, they are looking for a dry warm area to ride out winter.  During this time they breed in readiness for the spring!

They can be very distructive to homes and electrical wiring while they are settling in and get into anything and everything!

Give us a call to see how we can help you, with advice, ideas or purchase traps and baits to take back control of your home.

Pigeon Control

Pigeons are also known as "The Flying Rat" due to what damage and disease they are known to do and spread causing some serious health hazards. 

Feral pigeons can be grey, brown, or white, but are usually grey in colour with
two black bars across each wing and iridescent feathers around the neck. There are no visible differences between males and females.

Hamiltons Pest & Weed Control are experienced in removal and control of pigeons in commercial and industrial areas such as shopping centres, hospitals, schools and hotels.

If you are experiencing problems with Pigeons please contact us to arrange a booking so we can assess the areas and get the issue under control.

Spiders Hamiltons Pest & Weed Control
Spider & Bug Control

Spiders, Cockroaches, Ants and other various Creepy Crawlies are possibly the most feared and disliked creatures in the world!


Although some of these creatures are not hazardrous there are others that can have a serious impact on your home and family.


Hamiltons Pest and Weed Control will come out to your home or business and assess the required treatment to manage such insects and creatures.  They may apply a specially formulated spray to internal & external walls, paths, gutters etc to eliminate existing creatures hanging around and to prevent new ones from arriving and making your home theirs as well. 


At the end of the winter months and the coming of spring can bring in the swarms of bees looking for new places, and old, to set up home.

Bees are vital to the current ecological system as they are the primary pollinater of many crops and plants. They are generally classed as "beneficial insects" in nature, but are also seen as a problem or threat when they decide to setup homes in our own houses and properties.

For safety and efficiency purposes, a pest control expert should be consulted before any bee control technique is attempted.

You can call us at Hamiltons Pest control and we can offer advice and services to have the bees treated as quickly and effectively as possible if they become a problem.